Puppy Plan


York Mills Animal Hospital Preventive Health Plans

A preventive healthcare plan is a comprehensive package of annual veterinary services aimed at keeping a pet healthy for which pet owners can pay for on a monthly basis. The core elements of preventive healthcare plans are:

     1)    A commitment to a year of preventive services on the part of the pet owner

     2)    The opportunity to pay for those services in convenient monthly installments

Dogs and cats are visiting the veterinarian less frequently and their health status shows it. A recent report indicated that treatable health issues such as Diabetes, Otitis Externa (ear infections), Dental Disease, Heartworm and Flea Infestations in both dogs and cats are on the rise.

The majority of pet owners want to do the best for their four legged family members and adhere to the recommended guidelines for preventive care, however, many people have a hard time fitting that into their yearly budget or they have a fear of a “Big Bill’ so they chose not to come in at all. In the end it is our pets that suffer the consequences, often living with chronic pain or diseases left undetected. Many animals are euthanized for conditions that were preventable if detected early on.

 At York Mills Animal Hospital we have designed a number of preventive health plans to try to offset some of the costs associated with routine annual veterinary care.

As the pet owner you are committing to 12 equal monthly payments. At the end of the year it will be your choice as to whether you would like to renew your contract or go back to regular billing for services.

These plans include routine procedures such as annual check-ups and vaccinations. They do not include sick patient visits or accidents and are therefore not a substitute for pet insurance. Pet insurance still remains the best option for emergency medical care.

 The type of health plan you choose will depend on the age or “life-stage” of your pet.

Puppy Basic:

The first 12 months of your puppy’s life can be exciting but also overwhelming. There are frequent trips to the vet and many “unknown’s” while you and your puppy are learning and growing together. Many new puppy owners underestimate the costs involved in the first year of life, whether it be puppy classes, special diets, dog walkers, grooming and veterinary care.  It is essential to get your puppy started on the right path from the beginning, it will put them on track for good health for the rest of their lives. 

The puppy basic plan includes the basic veterinary requirements for the first 12 months of their life:

·         Comprehensive physical examination

·         Examinations at each Booster visit

·         All Core Vaccines

·         All non-core Vaccines, as decided upon by the owner and veterinarian

·         2 Intestinal Parasite Checks (Stool Samples)

·         2 Preventive De-worming

·         Microchip Implantation and Registration

·         Ear swab and Ear Mite Swab if indicated

·         Free Nails Trims – Unlimited Throughout the Year!


 Puppy Premium:

The Premium Puppy Plan will include everything included with the Puppy Basic Plan as well as:

·         Pre-Anesthetic Blood work             

 Spay or Neuter Procedure

The additional costs associated with the Premium Puppy plan will vary depending on the size, breed and sex of your dog. We will formulate a plan specific to your dog’s needs.