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Pet Health & Services

York Mills Animal Hospital's veterinary services are focused on keeping your pet healthy and happy. Prevention is the best medicine.

Hospital Services

York Mills Animal Hospital is a full service hospital fully equipped with the most up to date equipment to treat ill or injured pets.

Consultations / Examinations

A complete physical examination involves a thorough nose to tail evaluation of your pet and all their body systems.

Wellness Health Prevention Programs

A preventive healthcare plan is a comprehensive package of annual veterinary services aimed at keeping a pet healthy.

Surgical Services

Our surgical suite allows us to perform a full range of elective and emergency surgical procedures.


We use a current vaccine protocol aimed at reducing the frequency of vaccines administered while protecting your pet against contagious disease

Radiology – Digital X-Ray and Ultrasound

Radiographs are used to view changes in bones and joints as well as to assess the health of internal organs such as heart, liver, kidneys etc.


Dermatology refers to the diagnosis and treatment of various skin conditions including allergies, external parasites and autoimmune disorders.

Behavioural and Nutritional Counselling

Good communication builds good relationships. Proper nutrition builds good health.


Dental Disease is by far the most frequently diagnosed health problem in our pets. 80% of dogs and 70% of cats develop oral disease by the age of 3.


Heartworm is a parasite transmitted through the bite of a mosquito. If left untreated it is a potentially life threatening disease.

On site Laboratory Facilities

The Veterinary Laboratory provides diagnostic medical testing for infectious agents, toxins, and other causes of disease.

If your pet does become unwell, our hospital is equipped with the latest diagnostic technology and advanced medical facilities to provide your family member with the highest level of vet care.

We have the experience and expertise to quickly identify the problem and determine the appropriate plan of action, treating you both with care and compassion.

Finding the Right Veterinarian

Finding the right veterinary hospital in your area with a health care team that’s right for you is an important task.

General Pet Health Information

Prevention is the best cure

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