Surgical Services



Our surgical suite allows us to perform a full range of elective and emergency surgical procedures.  This includes routine spays, neuters and soft tissue surgeries (lump removals, foreign body removals, etc).  We fully utilize our highly trained technical staff, our anesthetic machines, monitoring equipment and use up-to-date anesthetic protocols for all of our surgical patients.  This allows us to ensure the safety of your pet while they are in our care.  All surgical procedures will be discussed in greater detail, with the veterinarian, during your pre-surgical physical examination. 


At York Mills Animal Hospital, we take every precaution in order to eliminate anesthetic complications.   After the pre-surgical examination is performed, we will take a quick blood sample from your pet.  We perform all pre-anesthetic blood work in hospital, which gives us results within a few hours.  The information we receive from this testing ensures that your pet has a safe anesthesia and a smooth recovery. 


Spaying refers to the complete surgical removal of the female reproductive organs (both ovaries and uterine horns) through a small incision in the abdomen, while your pet is under a general anesthetic.  Neutering refers to the complete surgical removal of the male reproductive organs (both testicles) through a small incision above the scrotum, while your pet is under a general anesthetic.

The benefits of spaying and neutering:

  • ·         Helps with the pet overpopulation problem by rendering your pet infertile
  • ·         Eliminates the female “Heat” cycle
  • ·         Decrease in aggressive/roaming behavior in males
  • ·         Eliminates the risk of bacterial infection in the uterus (pyometra)
  • ·         Eliminates the risk of uterine/ovarian/testicular cancer
  • ·         Decreases the risk of mammary cancer/prostate disease

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